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Treehouse Tax Nerds have a BLOG!

Diana seeing Iceland on her hands

We've done it. On this blog the Tax Nerds will take turns sharing information, ideas, and potentially, some deep thoughts. We want you to know what keeps the Tax Nerds curious and engaged in this changing environment. The format and style will continue to evolve as we cut our teeth on this new method (new to us) for communicating with all of you.

As the proposed tax legislation makes its way through committee we will use this blog to update you and offer more detailed explanations, links to articles we think you may find useful, and ideas of how these changes will impact you, our clients, our friends.

A couple of links that you may find useful:

Our most recent newsletter in which we give our first round up information about the proposed tax legislation:

The New York Times article "House vs. Senate: The Tax Changes Up for Debate and How Different Taxpayers Would Fare" Click here to read

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