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Is it OK to file an extension? 

YES! Sometimes, taxes end up being more complex than you expect or the companies who are required to send you tax documents are tardy.

Thankfully, if you’re facing these kinds of issues, it’s very easy to receive a six-month extension on your filing. You can do this yourself quite easily by filling out Form 4868 and submit it.

Note: This is an extension to file, not an extension to pay. If you think you owe taxes you should make a payment with your Extension to avoid any penalties or interest while you’re tracking down final details.

Treehouse Taxes is happy to e-file your extension form for you for $50 which we will then apply toward filing your full return if you engage us to file your taxes before the extended deadline (October 15, 2018). 

What is this going to cost me to work with Treehouse? 

We believe that everyone should have access to excellent tax prep and advice. That's why we offer a sliding scale based on income that we feel is both reasonably low and fair. The exact price you will pay depends on how complicated your tax return is AND how much money you made. 

Can I send you electronic files securely?

Yes. Treehouse Taxes uses a secure client portal to send and receive electronic files.  Once you make an appointment, you will receive a temporary PIN code in your confirmation email and a second email with a link to access your client portal account for the first time. The link will expire, so don’t forget to click through when you receive the email. Once you’ve activated your secure portal account you can send us pdfs or other documents we need to prepare your return. If you need to send us a file but don’t have an account yet, email us at info@treehousetaxes.xyz so we can set up your portal.   

Can I deduct meals? I heard I just have to think about or talk about work - right?

Not exactly… meals are only deductible if they have a connection to your business--sometimes referred to as a “profit motive”. If you take a potential client out for coffee, that’s deductible. If you go to dinner with friends in the same field and talk shop… that’s not. But if that same group were planning how to collaborate on a new project to increase business for you all - that’s a profit motive. That’s deductible. There must be a clear, financial incentive related to the meal or entertainment, so be sure to keep the receipt and write down the motive and who the players were.

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