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We built the Treehouse so you will have a safe, fun, and friendly place to get your taxes done. Diana Y Greiner, Marci Blackman, and Michael O'Neill are the Treehouse Taxes Team based in Brooklyn, New York, catering specifically to self-employed individuals and small businesses. Treehouse Taxes works collaboratively so no matter which of us you book your appointment with, we are all on your team. 

                                                                            See you soon,

                                                                                Marci, Diana, and Michael


Diana knows about cobbling together an income, tracking expenses, and pursuing a dream. She has spent over 20 years juggling the life of a performing artist while developing and maintaining her left brain as the managing director of an arts organization, a waitress, an acrobatics instructor, an office manager, systems designer, a massage therapist, a bookkeeper and finally a full-fledged tax nerd. Diana believes empowering folks with information and understanding about systems, including taxes, is another tool toward social justice. Through it all she maintains that connection is the point of everything.

Marci has been providing a combination of tax preparation, bookkeeping and accounting services to a wide range of clientele, including individuals, partnerships, and small corporations for over 20 years. As a longtime freelancer and award-winning novelist, Marci understands what it means to “hustle” for your dreams, particularly as it pertains to taxes. As a partner in Treehouse Taxes LLC, Marci believes transferring knowledge and helping artists and freelancers become savvy taxpayers is a form of social justice.

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We work human to human.
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Michael joined the Treehouse Team in 2019 bringing his own well-rounded experience to the table. He is an artist, a parent, and a musician and has performed around the world in groups like MEN, Princess, and High Time. In all of those touring years, he has always been the one opening up a spreadsheet backstage to track expenses, total up mileage and take care of business as the band bookkeeper. You might also recognize him from Williamsburg's beloved Egg, where he was the restaurant's General Manager and Bookkeeper for many years. He’s proud to work at Treehouse Taxes and loves our amazing network of clients! 

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