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Four longtime friends, Diana Y Greiner, Jaime Santos, Marci Blackman, and Matt Walding, started a tax firm with offices in Oakland, California and Brooklyn, New York, catering specifically to self-employed individuals and small businesses. We built the Treehouse so you will have a safe, fun, and friendly place to get your taxes done. 

                                                                            See you soon,

                                                                                Matt, Marci, Jaime, and Diana


Jaime has been preparing taxes for clients since 1994. Before she could read or write, she would practice her multiplication tables for fun. At the ripe old age of seven, she "discovered" that all people were connected in this strange thing adults called reality. Since then, she's confirmed her theory with meditation and sky diving. 

Diana has spent nearly 20 years juggling the life of a performing artist while developing and maintaining her left brain as the managing director of an arts organization, a waitress, an acrobatics instructor, an office manager, a massage therapist, a bookkeeper and finally a full-fledged tax nerd. Diana knows about cobbling together an income, tracking expenses, and pursuing a dream. Through it all she maintains that connection is the point of everything.

Marci has provided a combination of tax preparation, bookkeeping and accounting services to a wide range of clientele, including individuals, partnerships, corporations and nonprofits for the past 20 years. As a longtime freelancer and award-winning novelist, Marci understands what it means to “hustle” for your dreams. In addition to tax work, Marci can be seen giving the occasional bike tour around NYC, or, most recently, feeding the feral cat colony that has taken up residence in their backyard.

Matt has been working in tax-related fields for 14 years.  Plus he has been playing with his calculator since he was a kid, when he first discovered that 0.7734 looks like "hello" upside down.  He is a nerd of many flavors, including a tax nerd.   

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